Believe – 2024

Believe – 2024: Drawing Inspiration from “Yes, Virginia” for Business and Change Leadership in the New Year.


Each Christmas season, Macy's iconic store in New York City adorns its façade with a single, powerful word: "Believe."

This tradition is inspired by the timeless message of the New York Sun’s 1897 editorial "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." A young girl named Virginia had written a letter to the newspaper wondering whether Santa Claus existed. She asked for confirmation from a credible source while her friends mocked her for what she believed to be true. The response she received from Francis Pharcellus Church became one of the most famous editorials in newspaper history. Its message is a timeless and heartwarming affirmation of the existence of Santa Claus, not as a person but as coming to life through our positive actions and embodiment of values such as hope and goodwill. The now-famous editorial symbolizes the powerful spirit of childhood wonder, hope, and joy. Transcending its original context, it is a rallying cry urging us to translate our beliefs and hopes into positive action.

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Night and Day: Dealing With Shadow During Organizational Change

Your organization has a shadow – whether you want it or not. That shadow is always there; it is part of a natural process. However, the shadow is most likely to interfere with your ambitions and strategies during phases of organizational change, and often in unexpected ways.

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Business Transformation and Pivoting in Start-up and Enterprise Environments

Immensely successful companies are constantly embracing innovation, testing new boundaries and experimenting with new product development. Large enterprises, such as GE, have built and acquired dozens of new divisions spanning multiple industries.

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Topics: Business Transformation, Change Leadership, Small Business Consulting, Start-up Consulting

The Merging of Organizational Cultures

Organizational leaders wish they could obtain transformational change without having to change the culture. That’s because changing the culture is so much more difficult and time consuming. They would love to get the benefits of change by keeping the status quo, but, that’s not how it works.

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Agile Organization Designs: How Images Can Help Find The Right Fit For You

Many established companies struggle immensely with the concept of becoming more agile. On the one hand, they wish to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances by creating innovative opportunities. On the other hand, they fear that their size, level of establishment and need for structure might get in the way – or simply – that chaos will break loose if they even try.

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Change Leadership vs. Change Management - What Is The Difference And Why We Possibly Need Both

In an increasingly volatile work environment, businesses are more predisposed to change than ever. Not only has the necessity for change increased, but there is also a new understanding of the nature of what needs to be changed.

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The Ultimate Change For Military Service Members: Tips From Verizon Recruitment Specialist For Landing A Civilian Job

If there is one thing I know after recruiting for over two decades in the private sector and defense industry, it’s that military service members make great hires. Unfortunately, this talent pool is largely overlooked due to a lack of understanding of military culture and its ultimate purpose. To win!

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Behavior Change - Empowering People To Do The Impossible

When launching a new product, seeing a change process through, or simply trying to achieve a new goal, where the rubber hits the road is whether you can inspire new behavior in yourself and others – or not.


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The Nature of Change

When we read about organizational change, it is oftentimes discussed as if change was that one thing that is easy to define, and – given the right people and methods – reasonably easy to master.

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Appreciative Inquiry: A Value-Adding Change Leadership Tool

 A study released by Kienbaum in 2012 shows that change management initiatives in organizations are not as successful as one would hope for.

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