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Welcome to the forefront of collaborative business transformation where growth and people harmonize through strategic organization design. In today’s dynamic business landscape, growth-centric organizations face the unique challenge of scaling efficiently while maintaining a culture that empowers and motivates their people. Our organization design consulting services are made for companies seeking to navigate this challenge and thrive within it. We specialize in crafting bespoke organizational structures that are agile, resilient, and aligned with your core objectives, ensuring that growth does not come at the expense of your most valuable asset – your people and your customer base. Let us guide you in creating an organizational blueprint that accelerates growth, enhances operational efficiency, and fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. Together, we'll build the foundation for sustainable success in an ever-evolving market

Structure Drives Behavior  


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As companies expand, the architecture of their organization plays a pivotal role in driving behavior, shaping culture, fostering engagement, and maintaining agility. A divisional structure, often adopted by growing businesses, organizes departments by products, markets, or geographical locations, which can inadvertently silo teams and impede cross-functional collaboration. In contrast, a network structure operates on a more fluid, adaptable model, leveraging technology and partnerships to optimize efficiency and innovation across boundaries. Meanwhile, a team-based structure prioritizes flexibility and employee empowerment, organizing work around specific projects or goals to encourage collaboration and quick decision-making. While the gravitation towards a divisional structure seems natural for scaling companies, it may not always be conducive to sustaining agility or fostering a growth- and people-centric culture. Our organization design consulting leads you to navigate these complexities while co-designing and transitioning into the structure that best supports your goals. During our work together, we do not only rethink the way you work, we also spark effective engagement by making your teams and leaders a central part of the transformation and equipping them with the skills needed to thrive within it. 

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Our Approach
  • We collaboratively assess your current organization design.
  • We discover the optimal operating model together.
  • We assess your transformation readiness.
  • We create unique, dynamic systems that support your people.
  • We evoke positive change one team at a time.
  • We work with your teams to develop effective and flexible processes.
  • We finetune for optimal engagement & across-collaboration.
What's in it for you?

Let Your Org Design Foster Engagement

Our collaborative and strength-based consulting approach will empower you to 

  • operate nimbly and effectively. 
  • engage and develop your people.
  • create the right system for each unit or team. 
  • improve your cross-collaboration and culture. 
  • enjoy the transition and thrive on it. 
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Collaborative Organization Design 


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Most companies know that a modern organization design will be better for them than the models under which they currently operate. However, they are concerned that the transition could be too disruptive or worse, fail. Our organization design consulting is designed to help you navigate this shift, ensuring that your business and people grow into the ins and outs of true agility and customer-centricity. In five strength-based and collaborative steps, we help your business transform and enjoy your growth journey. As adaptive organizations are typically network-based, your transformation can be sparked one team at a time. We work with your leaders and teams to create the best systems for them while sparking unparalleled engagement via our unique, tailored, and fun process. 


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