Companies must grow, adapt, pivot, and innovate faster than ever. On-going organizational change, however, tends to take its toll over time. Every pivot may decrease engagement, motivation, and identification --  slowly leading to inertia. That's where our approach kicks in and makes a refreshing difference. We are committed to designing organizations (i.e., teams, divisions, and entire companies) that are so nimble and adaptive that they enable consistent prompt responses to challenges while energizing its people instead of wearing them out. The result is well-thought-through and effective systems and operations that consistently support positive, desired behavior, create excitement, and spark engagement. 

To fully utilize every opportunity for positive change, we have created a unique methodology that builds on behavioral sciences and promotes deep engagement, identification, and excellence. We work in short intervals - sprints if one will (sound familiar?) - and transformative deep dives depending on the scope of the project and your goals. With these two processes, we transform pressing issues into nimble operations and thriving people. We look forward to partnering with your company to rethink and revamp your organization design, operation models, team processes, culture, and collaboration forms. 


LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Team Excelellence & Engagement Sprints - New York, NY



Team-Centric Sprints

Our sprints are short team/project-centric intervals (4-12 weeks) in which we create tangible solutions for your most pressing needs together. Benefits are

  • team & leadership alignment.
  • clear roadmaps & OKRs.
  • role & responsibility clarity. 
  • a ton of motivation & engagement.
  • refined operating models & procedures. 
  • faster, better decision-making & goal attainment.
  • scalable results. 

Our sprints are typically team-centered and designed to improve the team process, engagement, culture, and productivity. A sprint can be used to boost a stand-alone team or as a pilot creating deep transformational change one team at a time. 


Deep Dive - Stand alone for 2 columns - March 2023

Cross-Organization Deep Dives

Our cross-organization deep dives take 4-8 months and offer strength-based data from all levels of your organization. They focus on your

  • long-term growth & innovation strategy.
  • organization design & operating models.
  • organizational effectiveness & adaptability.
  • business model innovation.
  • division-wide or cross-divisional changes. 
  • corporate culture.
  • employee engagement & well-being.  

Our deep dives are typically organization-centric and focus on larger groups and endeavors. They engage stakeholders across levels and spark deep motivation. The result is a noticeable behavior and culture shift as well as increased adaptability.

Our Design Principles & Values

We create nimble, team-based organizations and systems that work for you. Our design principles include:

  • We accelerate outcomes and strengthen your organization.
  • We work to empower your team(s) and mobilize your people.
  • We build connections and design dynamic, functioning networks.
  • We de-bottleneck, de-complicate, and simplify.
  • We focus on results and business acumen.
  • We make your employees and clients central to the work.
  • We EXHILARATE your organization and growth journey.
  • We consider motivation, engagement, & identification a deliverable.
  • We design to deliver measurable results & create healthy metrics.
  • We measure success in the velocity of learning & well-being.
  • We work to impact the system as a whole.
  • We appreciate what is and design to bring out your strengths.
  • We evoke structural and cultural as much as leadership, mindset,  and team collaboration shifts.
  • We prioritize results over PowerPoints.

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