Night and Day: Dealing With Shadow During Organizational Change

Your organization has a shadow – whether you want it or not. That shadow is always there; it is part of a natural process. However, the shadow is most likely to interfere with your ambitions and strategies during phases of organizational change, and often in unexpected ways.

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Change Leadership vs. Change Management - What Is The Difference And Why We Possibly Need Both

In an increasingly volatile work environment, businesses are more predisposed to change than ever. Not only has the necessity for change increased, but there is also a new understanding of the nature of what needs to be changed.

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Topics: Change Management, Organizational Change, Change Leadership

Disruptive Change - Why Framing Innovation Matters

In a study released by Gilbert and Bower, the authors extrapolate that when companies face major disruptions in their markets, the way their managers perceive that disruption influences a company’s response profoundly.

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Innovation, Change Management, Business Innovation, disruptive change

"Working On Purpose" - VoiceAmerica™ Empowerment Channel

On June 24, 2015, Erika Jacobi, Head Change and Innovation Consultant at LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc, was a guest on the VoiceAmerica™ Empowerment Channel.

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Organizational Transformation: If You Want A Different Dance, Change The Music

An African proverb suggests: If you want a different dance, change the music. In other words: To see different moves and different actions, find the factors that drive the behavior and alter them.


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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Innovation, Business Transformation, Change Management

Is It Time To Rethink Your Organization Design?

The way we do business has dramatically changed in the past 30 years: We work in decreasingly hierarchical workplaces; we often interact in flexibly changing work-groups, projects, or team settings; we overly rely on technology;

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Topics: Organizational Identity, Business Transformation, Organization Design, Change Management

Behavior Change - Empowering People To Do The Impossible

When launching a new product, seeing a change process through, or simply trying to achieve a new goal, where the rubber hits the road is whether you can inspire new behavior in yourself and others – or not.


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Topics: Leadership, Innovation, Business Transformation, Change Management, Change Leadership

When Leaders Overplay Their Strengths

Self-awareness is a cornerstone of leadership success. No leader is equally strong in all areas, and characteristics that were strengths yesterday may actually impede progress tomorrow.


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Vulnerability - Facing the Uncomfortable Side of Change

At time when change is frequently considered the norm, the majority of literature and blogs seem to focus on how to facilitate organizational or personal change. The sheer number of such contributions seems to infer that change is easy — as if there was a method or a mindset that would fully guarantee success regardless of the circumstances.


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The Myth about Organizational Culture Change

Every day we read articles that claim that a company's culture can be systematically and predictably changed. Along the same lines, companies voice

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