Corporate Culture: Integration & Vibrancy

As a growth- and people-centric company, you will likely go through consistent change, scale, or acquisition phases. That makes cultural integration central to your success and well-being. The speed at which the integration is needed, however, often leads to top-down, ad-hoc, or frontal approaches. These approaches, in turn, tend to result in a gradual vibrancy loss - and not in the much sought-after engagement, motivation, and identification with your values and forms of collaboration. Embracing the challenges and opportunities during this pivotal time allows you to integrate diverse teams, foster innovation, and create a vibrant environment that aligns everyone with your company's unique vision and values.
By focusing on culture integration as you scale, you can: 
  • align your unique culture with a dynamic organizational design.
  • turn your culture into a scalable brand.
  • ignite deep employee and customer engagement.
  • become more adaptable as an organization.
  • continue to grow in a people-centric and healthy way.

Our Approach

We use a focused sprint format to integrate new groups into your culture, connect people across the organization, and transform your unique culture into a scalable, enterprise-wide brand and talent magnet.

First, we engage with stakeholder groups to define the goals of cultural vibrancy and integration. Then, we conduct a culture analysis to identify and address blind spots. Next, teams participate in sprints designed to help them internalize and personalize the organization's unique culture. The outcomes of these sprints are shared across the entire organization, fostering a vibrant culture and a strong sense of unity. Additionally, we use this process to build connections between new and existing employees and establish collaboration hubs.

Our sprints last 8-12 weeks during which we:

  • lead new groups through a co-creative onboarding experience.
  • discover what it means to flourish and collaborate in your culture.
  • put the explored cultural values into collaborative action.
  • form tandems to foster cross-collaboration and spark cultural vibrancy.
  • provide ample opportunity to explore your culture, become part of it, and shape it together.

LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Team Excellence and Engagement Sprints - 2024 New York, NY

Typical use cases for this sprint include

  • You have just acquired a new organization and would like to provide a co-creative onboarding experience that allows everyone to grow into your culture and add to its vibrancy at the same time. 
  • You have gone through several exponential growth phases and noticed that your culture isn't as vibrant and outstanding as it used to be.
  • One or several of your existing groups have gone through significant changes and you would like to foster cultural identification, vibrancy, and outstanding collaboration again. 

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undefined-Nov-17-2022-09-24-50-7000-PMThanks to this process, we were able to facilitate and enjoy a challenging exponential growth phase. We found LC GLOBAL®s holistic, collaborative, and strengths-based approach especially valuable. Tenured and new members explored how to make even better use of our success factors and cultural values in our daily collaboration. Thank you  LC GLOBAL®!
CEO - GABO: mi

undefined-Nov-17-2022-09-24-50-7000-PMMany staff members remarked that it was one of their best experiences as an employee of the College. Many students felt a stronger sense of being valued and connected as a result of this initiative. Due to the tremendous success, we brought LC GLOBAL® back to continue with this process on our other campuses.
Dean - Cochise College, Arizona

undefined-Nov-17-2022-09-24-50-7000-PMI highly recommend the process to any team, group, or company that would like to scale while driving engagement and improving its culture and collaboration.
Director of Growth - IBM

undefined-Nov-17-2022-09-24-50-7000-PMOutstanding service, deep competence, and professionalism describe LC GLOBAL® for me.
SVP Global HR - Microsoft