Executive Coaching - Which Approach Is Right For You?

Posted by LC GLOBAL® - Organization Design & Development on December 14, 2015

For many of our executive coaching clients or prospects, the question whether or not to go for coaching is a no-brainer. Executives seem to be convinced of the benefits – and we often find their conviction rising with the level of their position. Knowing which approach to choose for the collaboration, however, is an entirely different story.

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Executive Coaching - 9 Tips For Finding the Right Coach For You


Bill Gates once said that every business leader should have a coach. Also former Google CEO Eric Schmidt insists that the best advice he ever got was to work with a coach. How come some of the most successful business leaders of our times, recommend coaching so emphatically?

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Does Online-Coaching Work? Benefits of Face-to-Face vs. Video Conferencing

Coaching provides a unique opportunity to help you achieve and sustain the results you truly care about! But what do you do when your schedule is just crazier than ever and you spend more time at airports and hotels than at the office? Online Coaching via Skype or GoToMeeting conference can help.

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The Nature of Change

When we read about organizational change, it is oftentimes discussed as if change was that one thing that is easy to define, and – given the right people and methods – reasonably easy to master.

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