2 Processes to Develop an Actionable Plan for Success

We work in short intervals - sprints if one will (sound familiar?) - and motivating, transformative deep dives depending on the scope of the project and your goals. Our team/project-based sprints lead your leaders and teams to align, transform, and achieve their boldest goals faster. Our cross-organization deep dives tackle broader organizational change and design needs that require cross-systemic solutions. We'll decide together which format is best to give your teams the focus and drive they need to make effective changes. Take a look at the 3 sprints and organizational deep dives through which we typically lead our clients with smashing success.

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Leadership Excellence & Strategy
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Team & Project Excellence Sprint - LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - NYC - Munich
Team & Project Excellence
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People Ops - HR - OD - Org Design - New York - Munich
People Ops & Org Design
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Business Model Innovation
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Corporate Culture Transformation Deep-Dive - New York - Munich
Corporate Culture Change
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LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc. - Growth - Effectiveness - Adaptability - Deep Dive - 2023 - NYC - Munich
Growth, Effectiveness, Adaptability
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Sprint 1 - stand alone for two columns - 2023 - March


Team-Centric Sprints: Razor-Sharp Focus, Tangible Results

Our sprints are short team/project-centric intervals (4-12 weeks) in which we create tangible solutions for your most pressing needs together. Benefits are

  • actionable steps for success.
  • team & leadership alignment.
  • clear roadmaps & OKRs.
  • role & responsibility clarity. 
  • a ton of motivation & engagement.
  • refined operating models & procedures. 
  • faster, better decision-making & project results.

Our sprints are typically team centered and can improve the work of Leadership, Sales/Customer Engagement, HR/OD, and IT/Cyber/Digital Teams. Expect coaching and design work along the way that creates results in your culture, collaboration, operating models, and your project outcomes. 

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Deep Dive - Stand alone for 2 columns - March 2023

Cross-Organization Deep Dives: Systemic Analysis, Large-Scale Results 

Our cross-organization deep dives take 4-8 months and offer strength-based data from all levels of your organization. They focus on your

  • long-term growth & innovation strategy.
  • organization design & operating models.
  • organizational effectiveness & adaptability.
  • business model innovation.
  • division-wide or cross-divisional changes. 
  • corporate culture.
  • employee engagement & well-being.  

Our deep dives are typically organization-centric and focus on larger groups and endeavors. As our consulting deep dives engage stakeholders across levels, they spark deep excitement and motivation. The result is a noticeable behavior, mindset, and culture shift along sustainable structural changes.  

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Results for You

Increase your numbers & improve engagement

Together, we will decide whether a sprint or a deep dive is the best course of action for you. As we lead your people, teams, and entire business through the desired changes, we consistently focus on achieving two results for you: the contracted strategy, structural change, or project/team improvements AND deep engagement, excitement, and well-being of your people. Whether coaching sprint or consulting deep dive, the more you do this work, the more the culture of your company will change. Together with the structural changes it will ultimately make for an entire business transformation. 

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