Leadership Excellence & Strategy Sprint

8 - 12 weeks of focused interval work with your leadership team resulting in a bold vision, deep commitment to excellence, and the drive to translate your strategy into reality. 

Faced with complex business challenges, leaders often find themselves caught in the whirlwind of immediate problem-solving and the mindset of pushing through predicaments. Especially with high-profile transformation efforts, it is easy to hop from "What's Next?" to "Now What?" To avoid constantly deciding on these ever-emerging technical dilemmas, it’s important to consider broader future scenarios and their complex requirements as well as immense opportunities. Once these future needs and changed realities are clear, it is easier to see how your team can address them with your unique strengths and capabilities. 

Who do we work with?

We work with global or local leadership teams that would like to

  • envision bold goals together for a high-profile transformation or innovation endeavor. 
  • develop scenario forecasts and redefine values, vision, and unique strengths. 
  • create a roadmap & OKRs and clarify responsibilities. 
  • re-commit to leadership excellence and clarify responsibilities & roles.
  • spark motivation, alignment, and a sense of healthy change leadership.

How does it work? 


LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Team Excellence and Engagement Sprints - 2024 New York

To arrive at a future-fit strategy and rekindled leadership excellence, we lead your leadership team through 3 focused intervals: 

 1. Briefing & Discovery

During the Discovery and Briefing phase, we will refine the goals and objectives of the strategy sessions. We will review hard facts, observe meetings, and conduct surveys and 1:1 interviews with the project owner and stakeholders. 

2. Co-Design & Develop

During the Co-Design & Development, we will start working with your local or global leadership team. Together, we will uncover unique values and success factors and create future-scenario forecasts ultimately leading to an actionable strategy. We will create a clear roadmap and OKRs, clarify roles and responsibilities, and engage in hands-on transformation planning. 

3. Refine & Excel

In the Refine & Excel phase, we will monitor how the team puts the strategy into action and give feedback on leadership and collaboration styles as well as goal attainment. We will refine the strategy as needed and recommit to the leadership styles that are best suited to lead your high-profile transformation project to success. 


Ready for your sprint?