What Can a Sprint Do for Your Team? 

Razor-sharp focus, inspiring collaboration, and measurable results. 

Our effectiveness and engagement sprints lead your leaders and teams to align, transform, and achieve their boldest goals faster. They consist of short intervals that typically last 4 or 8 weeks. Together, we will go through 5 stages:  1. Define, 2. Discover, 3. Envision, 4. Design, and 5. Develop. During each phase, the team grows, adapts, and co-creates actionable steps. The team commits to the steps, allocates resources, and clarifies roles and responsibilities. One of our experienced organization design specialists identifies strengths and gaps in your process and operation model for this project and helps you optimize them to give your teams and projects that extra boost.  Throughout the process, the team will not only achieve the desired results (and more), but it will also fully re-engage with its purpose and goals. 

LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Team Excellence and Engagement Sprints - 2024 New York, NY

Which Results Can You Expect?

What gets measured, gets changed 

We have conducted our sprints with teams in companies all over the world. To spare you the "proven track record" talk, here are some results: 

  • increased engagement by 25%+.
  • faster goal attainment by 7-10%.
  • increase in reported fun, motivation, and team spirit - think "night and day."
  • hundreds of ideated sales pitches (whether internally or to your clients), prototypes, and roadmaps. 
  • commitment to team values, roles, and responsibilities: 100%. 

How do we know that this is true? Each sprint starts with exploring desired goals and defining success metrics. At the end of each sprint, we revisit these goals so that you can be the judge of your results. 

What's Stopping You?

Hurry, let's wait? 

We know, we know: Achieving your ambitious goals is your top priority. After the initial talks, you enthusiastically want to start. Then - in a miraculous way - you stall. This, that, and the other is in the way. 

  • Will we have the time?
  • Can we get approval? 
  • Might it be better to start after XYZ is done? 

We can assure you, our sprint will save you time. Tackling issues in the same old way may never get you results. As our sprints tackle your real-life goals, they don't require extra time. Also getting approval is something that we can help you achieve in a mini-sprint. As for the last point: Remember, if you put this on hold now, you will be torn after XYZ is done as well. To cut to the chase: If you truly want to achieve outstanding results, you will find a way to get started. A sprint is a sprint and has nothing to do with a horse, water, or drinking. All that matters in a sprint is that you commit to getting started. We'll figure out the rest as we go. 


Ready for Your Team Sprint?