Growth, Effectiveness, Adaptability Deep Dive

5 Steps to Set Your Business Up for Growth and Deep Engagement

Use Case

You are a human-centric business that is expecting its next growth phase or has already enjoyed considerable growth. Now is the time to work on your organizational design and ensure that your business increases its effectiveness and ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances as you scale. While fostering your overall organizational excellence, you are naturally interested in promoting your culture, deep engagement, and the well-being of your employees. 


The purpose of this consulting deep dive is to

  • de-silo and de-bottleneck your organization across functions.
  • accelerate and exhilarate your collaboration.  
  • design your organization to work for you.
  • foster engagement and a growth mindset.
  • set your business up for adaptability and dynamic growth. 

Who is this deep dive for? 

We work with businesses that would like to

  • get ready for their next growth wave.  
  • turn silos into collaboration hubs.
  • create an organization that grows with them with ease. 
  • increase the effectiveness of their operating models.
  • assess their business's change and scale readiness. 
  • foster their unique culture as they scale.
  • enjoy their scale experience. 

Which results can you expect?

  • well-defined goals and sound processes to achieve them.
  • clear decision-making processes and communication pipelines.
  • a scalable organization design that tackles identified systemic pain points.
  • reduction of silos and silo thinking.  
  • increased engagement and collaboration.  
  • optimized information flow. 
  • cultural frameworks that support effectiveness and well-being. 

How does it work?

Phase 1: Appreciative Assessment
In a collaborative effort, we assess your organizational growth and change readiness as well as your overall strengths, effectiveness, values, and goals. 

Phase 2: Collective Awareness
We share the results pointing out structural pain points as well as strengths and opportunities. We introduce suitable models that will spark deeper collaboration, engagement, and organizational change/growth capabilities. 

Phase 3: Co-Design 
Together, we develop and finetune an adaptive organization design that increases your effectiveness, de-silos your cross-sectional collaboration, and sparks engagement. 

Phase 4: Capability Building 
We develop the required org capabilities and systems and get your organization set up for dynamic growth. Where necessary, we develop vertical learning experiences for your people that continue to practice desired behavior and mindsets.

Phase 5: Co-Implementation
We monitor developments and finetune results until we can rest assured that we have co-created a system that works for you. 

Getting your business scale-ready the first time around.

This consulting deep dive is an engaging and motivating experience for top stakeholders and employees. It reduces blind spots through a collaborative, systemic, cross-organizational analysis. Instead of an endless trial-and-error process, this deep dive delivers the needed results to get your transformation efforts right the first time around. 

Ready for your consulting deep dive?

LC GLOBAL Consultig - Deep Dive Consulting Process - 2023
This 5-Phase Growth, Effectiveness & Adaptability Deep Dive will create deep engagement, excitement, and the right mindset in your organization as we set your organization up for dynamic growth.