How Does a Consulting Deep Dive Work?

Obviously, if you want to evoke deep change in your organization, you must take more time and look more deeply before you actually go all the way in. However, with the right approach you can use the time to evoke a deep culture, behavior, and mindset shift along the necessary structural changes. In 6-8 months, our deep dive leads your organization through the following stages

  1. Appreciative Assessment: We apply collaborative methods to thoroughly examine your organization across functions.
  2. Collective Awareness: We share the identified strengths, success factors & systemic pain points with stakeholders & the org
  3. Co-Design: In dedicated design sessions, we create new prototypes and pilot models.
  4. Capability Building: We develop the necessary skills, requirements & org capabilities to support the transformation.
  5. Co-Implementation. We implement the changes, monitor, and finetune the results. 

LC GLOBAL Consultig - Deep Dive Consulting Process - 2023

Which Results Can You Expect?

Our Deep Dive is Extremely Effective. Expect to See Tangible Results in Each Phase.  

We have conducted our consulting and design deep dives in companies across the globe. Here are some of the results we have achieved. 

  • entire business model innovation such as going from disaster management to disaster prevention. 
  • measurably increased organizational effectiveness.
  • a full-blown adaptive organization design ensuring deep connectedness & a seamless information flow.
  • breakdown of silos and reduction of information bottlenecks. 
  • system alignment, reduction of redundancies and "waste."
  • much improved employee engagement.
  • a noticeable culture, mindset, and behavior shift.  
  • an organization that fully supports business needs and employee well-being.

How do we measure our results you might ask. Each consulting deep dive starts with exploring desired goals and defining success metrics. At the end of step and phase, we revisit these goals and metrics and start doing the math. The bonus point of a mindset, culture, and behavior shift in addition to our structural considerations will be noticeable throughout your entire organization. 

But What About...?

Can this work for us? Will our time, money, and energy investment pay off? 

We know you have a lot of questions at this point. 

  • Can this work for us? 
  • What would this look like in our organization? 
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • What's the best time to get this started? 
  • Will our time, money, and energy investment pay off? 

Our consulting and design deep dives are tailored to suit your needs. While we know that this process will deliver the desired results (and more), we also understand that this commitment requires trust. Let's schedule a call so that we can show you via a tailored design what this process would look like for you. From there, you can decide for yourself.

Ready for a conversation?