Business Model Innovation Deep Dive

5 Steps to re-invent your services and create new revenue pipelines. 

Use Case

You must re-invent your services and the way you do business due to looming disruption or changed circumstances (i.e., changed legislations, needs, consumer behavior, regulations.)  


The purpose of this business model innovation deep dive is to

  • discover new markets and business opportunities. 
  • reinvent your product/service value & delivery.
  • explore new revenue sources & ways to materialize them.  
  • assess your organizational readiness. 
  • Fledge out new business models against various scenarios. 

Who is this deep dive for? 

We work with businesses that would like to

  • proactively or reactively innovate their business models. 
  • explore new market and revenue opportunities. 
  • understand what to keep and what to transform.
  • get out of the trial-and-error or fight-flight mode. 
  • assess their business's readiness to make the switch. 
  • develop the required transformation capabilities. 
  • thrive again despite volatility and looming disruption. 

Which results can you expect?

  • a sound and authentic new business model that works for you. 
  • reduced blind spots regarding the changed circumstances and their impact on your business. 
  • scenario and organizational capability mapping. 
  • a clear roadmap and action plan.
  • pro-active ways out of the trial-and-error or fight-or-flight mode. 
  • help and support in the transition phase. 

How does it work?

Phase 1: Appreciative Assessment
We assess the strengths and added value of your current business model against the changed circumstances. 

Phase 2: Collective Awareness
We share the results and lay out several future scenarios and opportunities.  

Phase 3: Co-Design 
We develop new prototype business models. 

Phase 4: Capability Building 
We develop the necessary people skills & org capabilities to support the new business model. 

Phase 5: Co-Implementation
We monitor developments and finetune results.

Changing Your Organization Is a Matter of Trust

We know that overhauling your entire business model may look like a leap of faith to you. This deep dive takes much of the guesswork out of this process. It will help reduce blind spots and sharpen your lens for new opportunities. Throughout the process, you will re-ignite the trust in your own services under the changed circumstances. Your trust in us will deepen with every conversation we have. Let's start with a discovery call to see whether we are the right partner for your business model innovation. 

Ready for your business model innovation?

LC GLOBAL Consultig - Deep Dive Consulting Process - 2023
In our five-phase consulting deep-dive, we take you on a journey on which we co-create new opportunities for you and your business.