Culture Transformation Deep Dive

5 Steps that Foster Deep Engagement, Collaboration, and a Vibrant Culture


  • foster a culture that serves your business & people needs.
  • create systems that spark desired behavior. 
  • fuel growth, employee well-being & customer delight.  

Who is this deep dive for? 

We work with organizations that would like to

  • evoke a deep culture, mindset, and behavior shift. 
  • understand the root cause of their current culture. 
  • explore the best cultural values and sets of behavior to serve people & business needs.
  • translate identified cultural values, behavior, and mindset into joint action. 
  • develop capabilities that support the desired culture.
  • practice skills, behavior, and mindsets together in action-oriented vertical learning opportunities. 
  • adapt operating models and organizational design to support the desired culture.
  • develop effective support systems. 
  • enjoy the power of their culture. 

Which results can you expect?

  • dramatically increased engagement and joint action. 
  • decreased silo-thinking - noticeably improved collaboration. 
  • effective translation of cultural behavior into organizational reality.
  • innovated support & people systems, organization design, and operating models.
  • a powerful culture that drives your business results and the well-being of your employees.   

How does it work?

Phase 1: Appreciative Assessment
We apply collaborative methods to thoroughly examine your organization across functions.

Phase 2: Collective Awareness
We share the identified strengths, success factors & systemic pain points as well as optimal models with stakeholders & the org. 

Phase 3: Co-Design 
We co-create culture outlines and prototypes that foster the desired umbrella culture, mindset, and behavior -- and bring it to life.

Phase 4: Capability Building 
We develop the necessary people skills & org capabilities to support the transformation.

Phase 5: Co-Implementation
We monitor developments of the new culture systems in action and finetune results.

How much time must you invest? 

Our culture transformation deep dive typically takes 6-12 months and has been described by our clients as one of the best experiences they ever had in their organization. At the beginning of the initiative, most work takes place on our side of the playing field as we review your hard facts and observe your meetings, current culture, systems, and organization design. With thoughtful project management, we ensure that the interviews, design sessions, and coaching won't become a burden. On the contrary, you can expect them to be invigorating, motivating, and engaging  All sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and busy schedule. More importantly, they are designed to practice desired behavior and mindsets -- and to spark exhilaration. 

Ready for your culture deep dive?

LC GLOBAL Consultig - Deep Dive Consulting Process - 2023
This 5-Phase Culture Transformation Deep Dive deeply engages your people in co-creating and practicing the cultural values and sets of behavior that you want to see in your organization.  The process ignites cultural ambassadorship at scale and fosters deep collaboration, excellence, and well-being.