Assessing The State of Your Organization

Posted by LC GLOBAL® - Organization Design & Development on December 20, 2023

At the beginning of 2023, McKinsey surveyed more than 2,500 business leaders around the world. The results went into the report on The State of the Organization 2023.

At the time, only half of the participating organizations said they were well prepared to anticipate and react to external shocks, and two-thirds saw their organization as overly complex and inefficient.

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5 Steps for Creating Mindful & Adaptive 'New Work' Strategies

5 Steps for Creating Mindful & Adaptive “New Work” Strategies


For the last three years, companies have seen tremendous advantages in staying remote or hybrid. Cost benefits and increased flexibility for employees seemed to speak a clear language: Remote or hybrid work models pay off. However, over the last 6-12 months, many companies decided to return to the office oftentimes via a company-wide mandate. In 2022, merely 31% of US businesses functioned on-site. That included those unable to operate remotely due to the nature of their work (e.g., factories or retail). In 2023, this figure jumped to 50%.

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Innovating Your Team Process to Navigate the New World of Work

Posted by LC GLOBAL® - Organization Design & Development on September 5, 2023

A recent Forbes Counsel article discusses some of the biggest challenges tech leaders are currently facing and how they intend to tackle them. 4 out of 20 leaders thought that it was crucial to responsibly integrate AI in business or utilize it to optimize workflows. 2 thought that workforce planning and combatting burn-out were top on the list.


The remaining 12 answers circled – one way or another – around team process and effectiveness, especially in light of the consistently changing work circumstances.

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