3 Ways of Utilizing An Audacious Vision To Give Your Strategy Power

Posted by Anthony Mills, Change and Innovation Consultant on February 10, 2016

In working with business leaders around the world, we spend a lot of time talking about the values, philosophies, and cultures they need to guide and nurture innovation in their business.  One of the key questions we are often asked is, “how can we drive engagement and ownership in the business for the new things we are trying to do?” …“how can we put some power into our strategy?”

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Topics: Innovation, Strategy, Vision

Expectation Management For Crucial Startup Phases

 I was watching Shark Tank the other day. (Yes, I totally admit to watching pure entertainment TV.) And there they were: the seemingly brutal assessments of the various start-up ideas by the investors: “The idea is great but you don’t seem committed enough. I’m out.”
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Topics: Strategy, Small Business Consulting, Start-up Consulting, Expectation Management

Change and Innovation News - June

Companies and organizations have many reasons for implementing change or pursuing new innovation strategies. Some change and innovation strategies aim to make a difference in our society, others to help the company remain resilient and yet others to strive for mere survival.

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The Agile Organization

One thing is clear, much of today’s business success depends on the ability of an organization to flexibly adapt to unforeseen circumstances, changing markets and new trends.

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News From the Industry - May

Companies shape our world much more than we are aware of. Here are some of the changes big and not so big companies, institutions and organizations introduced in May.


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News From the Industry April

Companies shape our world much more than we are aware of. Here are some news from the industry that feature moves some big and not so big players have made in April across industries to make a difference! The really good news is: Change happens!

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Why Good Intentions Meet Change Resistance

Posted by LC GLOBAL® - Organization Design & Development on November 11, 2014

 Many well-intentioned executives fail to appreciate the “downstream” impacts of their strategic initiatives. The employee experience is often very different from what executives envision when they set a strategy in motion.

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Strategy, Change Management

Implementing Innovative Processes as a Part of Your Organizational Culture: Why Allowing For Things To Go Wrong Can Sometimes Be So Right

A recent study discussed on Brand 1 shows that as the processes in most companies become more highly optimized, many organizations begin to more closely resemble bureaucratic administrations than thriving business entities.

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Topics: Organizational Culture, Strategy, Business Transformation

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