Mindfulness in the Veteran-Friendly Organization

In light of Memorial Day, it was a special honor for us to have a 60-minute conversation with Dr. Barton Buechner on the topic Mindfulness in Veteran-Friendly Organization. 


Dr. Barton Buechner describes the veteran-friendly organization as a place where veterans can bring their "full self" to the workplace. The veteran friendly-organization acts by the mantra "mission first but people ALWAYS." In that respect, the veteran-friendly organization is a mindful, yet vibrant  place which fosters diversity, a collaborative atmosphere, and innovation. 


Mindfulness from that perspective turns into the attempt to create a workplace in which people can focus on bringing their best despite the crazies of ultra rapid decision-making and the typical overdose of back-to-back meetings. As recent research has shown that mindfulness can improve team collaboration and corporate culture, veterans can even serve as a barometer for an organization's general well-being, authenticity, and mindfulness level.  


Professor Buechner cautioned organizations not to automatically assume that all veterans suffer from PTSD or mental illnesses. Instead, they bring many desired innovation skills to the table as their modern training background focuses leading missions and people under unpredictable circumstances.


To discover what else companies can learn from veterans on their journey of creating an inclusive, innovative, and diverse work atmosphere, join us for the LC GLOBAL® CHANGE TALK “Mindfulness in the Veteran-Friendly Organization."


Join us for this 60-minute CHANGE TALK interview


About our conversation partner Dr. Barton Buechner: 


Dr. Barton Buechner teaches Organization Theory and Corporate Psychology at Adler, a veteran-friendly university. He co-authored the book Veteran and Family Reintegration: Identity, Healing, and Reconciliationwhich is available on Amazon.

Topics: corporate culture, Mindfulness, Veteran-Friendly Organization

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