Our Approach: Data-Driven, Appreciative, Systemic, and Co-Creative Change

You want to evoke positive change in your organization. You want to revive your corporate culture, streamline your processes, restructure your organization, and become more agile and innovative at the same time?

We lead your organization to achieve these goals with our unique change and innovation consulting approach that has a proven success record in organizations around the world.

Our five-fold method is embedded in the fields of Organizational Behavior and Systemic Organization Development.  We leverage the power of Appreciative Intelligence, Systems Theory and Collaborative Process Consulting to help your organization tap into its unique potential. From culture to structure, we base every change, growth, and innovation initiative on 5 pillars. 

1. Data-Driven Change and Innovation

We pave the way for evidence-based change!

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What gets measured gets changed. Therefore, every single step we take for your company to change, innovate, and transform is based on qualitative and quantitative data we collect from all levels of your organization. This pillar of our approach does not only guarantee evidence-based change, it also activates the collective intelligence your company has to offer. At the same time, we use our unique way of collecting data to engage stakeholders and employees from all levels of your organizations in the process -- for them to know that this time around, they will truly drive their future states and desired results. 

2. Appreciative Change and Innovation 

We capture the best your organization offers!

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Your organization is full of potential and resources. To connect your business with the best of its capabilities, we focus on the best it has to offer. In our initial appreciative assessment, we identify unique values and success factors, effective procedures and sets of behavior to leverage the existing successful essentials towards future development and growth. Scientific research shows, people can embrace change and create future desired states better when they are connected to their strengths. For that reason, helping all stakeholders to see everything in your organization - even the seemingly negative - as an asset, is another crucial pillar of our approach that has a proven track record in organizations around the world. 

3. Systemic Change and Innovation 

We translate vital factors into consistent action!

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We take the identified strengths and success factors and work toward displaying them in all units of your organization. We  raise the collective awareness around how to translate the identified success factors and unique values into consistent action. That way, we align your strategies, values and procedures and mirror the most vital factors across your organization.

4. Co-Creative Change and Innovation 

We co-create unique and authentic future visions!

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During all phases of the change and innovation process we custom for your company, we activate your collective intelligence to create new solutions together. That way, we mobilize all employees and utilize the unique knowledge and insights that only members of the organization can have. The result is increased awareness, agile leadership and collaboration as well as deep commitment and engagement. 

5. Value-Based Change and Innovation 

We design your transformation efforts on your values!

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Every company is different and therefore, every transformation initiative needs to be different as well. To help you stand out in our extremely volatile times, we base every transformation and innovation effort on your authentic values. The goal is to help you put your strongest foot forward and to make you shine as Who You Are. 


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