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Is this You?
  • You've been in business for 3-7 years.
  • You are preparing for your IPO or want to scale with an IPO in mind.
  • Lately, your growth rate has stalled.
  • Meeting investor & customer expectations has become difficult.
  • You have made changes, but they haven't had the desired impact.
  • You want to drive your brand to support cement your impact.
  • Your culture starts showing cracks.
  • To stay on target, you must scale or pivot even faster.
From Hungry Start-Up to Effective Scale Up

Structure for Success. Be IPO-Worthy.

Companies that are experiencing explosive growth, often make the mistake to structure their organization reactively. From there, they tend to experience a considerable slow-down of their growth as well as first cracks in their collaboration and culture. 

Partner with us to: 

  • stop the trial & error regarding your org design.  
  • develop your organization to deliver results. 
  • get out of the corner and drive sustainable growth.
  • spark a culture of excitement.
  • delight customers & investors again.
  • enjoy your growth journey to the fullest.
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Find the Best Organization Design for You

What made you successful in the past, might not make you successful in the future

You have had a good run with your innovative product and services. Now, you need to scale and find it more challenging than expected. During your initial explosive growth phases, you started to structure your company with good intentions. Nonetheless, the first signs of silo thinking have slowed down your growth. As you have followed the role model of companies in the same sector, you are at a loss as to what could have gone wrong. Before you try too many times, It is time to find a lasting and tailored solution that ensures your continued growth and future fitness. 

Let's discuss the best organization design for you
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Interested in learning more about how to stay agile at scale? Read our article: Business Agility - What is it and why do you need it?

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What Our Clients Say 

LC GLOBAL® has been a provider of its HR and Organization Development services for Microsoft for a number of years. [...]  Outstanding service, deep competence,  and professionalism describe LC GLOBAL® for me.

VP International HR

LC GLOBAL® presented an amazingly agile organization design and operating model that will allow us to grow while keeping our core values, success factors, and unique identity. I highly recommend this unique process.

Director Growth

LC GLOBAL® helped us develop a new organizational structure that is fully adaptive & based on our cultural values. This process helped us excel and do more of the things that make us unique. Thank you, LC GLOBAL®!


In order to increase the effectiveness of our subsidiary in the Middle East in terms of sales, growth, and collaboration [...], we asked GLOBAL® to deliver its consulting services on-site. Thanks to their tremendous sensitivity and knowledge,  [...] improvements could be observed promptly.


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