IT Team Process & Performance Sprint

We work in focused intervals to improve your team processes & practice effective behavior.

The performance of an IT or Cybersecurity team can be measured by the speed at which the team can adapt to unforeseen circumstances -and the quality of the solutions it devises under immense pressure. That makes team connectedness, effectiveness, and agility central to success.

Graphic for IT Team Sprints

Who is this sprint for? 

We work with IT and Cybersecurity teams that would like to:

  • identify structural pain points and success factors together.
  • develop clear success metrics and sets of effective behavior.
  • streamline crucial team processes; clarify roles and responsibilities. 
  • align leadership, objectives, and team efforts. 
  • practice agile, focused, and solution-oriented team collaboration. 
  • go from functioning group to nimble high-performance team. 

How does it work? 

We lead your team through 3 short, focused intervals. 


LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Team Excellence and Engagement Sprints - 2024 New York, NY


(1) Briefing & Discovery: Assessment of strengths and structural pain points. Success Metrics Definition.

(2) Co-Design & Develop: Development and practice of new team behavior and simplified processes. Clear Roadmaps and OKRs.

(3) Refine & Excel: Monitor and refine results together. Continue to develop into a nimble high-performing team.

The process can be combined with leadership coaching as necessary.  

Get in touch with us to see how our customized IT/Cyber Team Performance Sprint will lead you to become the nimble, high-performance team that your projects require. 

Ready for your sprint?

undefined-Nov-17-2022-09-24-50-7000-PMThis process exceeded my expectations -- BY FAR. 
Head of Global IT Solutions - Loparex

undefined-Nov-17-2022-09-24-50-7000-PMIn a single session, we probably saved 6 months of inefficient waffling and dozens of hours of inconclusive meetings. 
Director IT Solutions - Packaging Industry

undefined-Nov-17-2022-09-24-50-7000-PMOutstanding service, deep competence, and professionalism describe LC GLOBAL® best for me.
SVP Global HR  - Microsoft