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Adaptive organizational designs empower companies and employees to respond effectively and promptly to unforeseen circumstances. Most companies, however, are structured in silos blocking prompt decision-making and a vital, internal information flow. Our adaptive organization designs break down existing silos and connect your teams to the data and information they need to make prompt effective decisions. 

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Organization Design for Pre- & Post-IPO
From Start-up to Scale-up
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Organization Design for Growth-Oriented SMEs
From Mediocrity to Excellence
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Organization Design for Agility-Seeking Enterprises
From Hierarchy to Agility & Adaptability

Got it?

How do you know whether your organizational design is adaptive enough? 

Our times of extreme uncertainty call for new skills, mindsets, business models, and operating models. You know that you need to structure your organization for more adaptability and connection if: 

  • your projects are stalling.
  • you find it challenging to scale.
  • you have a high attrition rate. 
  • your culture is dominated by silent quitting. 
  • your data and information flow is disrupted. 
  • your business is not set up to face disruption or change. 
  • you are experiencing exponential growth. 

As you are likely trying to restructure to meet these changed demands, you might as well invest in a new approach. Here are the benefits of an adaptive organization design. Imagine the drive, engagement, and excellence in your organization. 


LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Adaptive Organizational Design - Why


Results You Can Expect

Nothing drives the success of your company more than a tailored, adaptive organization design. 

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Customer Delight, Engagement, Culture

40% increased engagement
100%- brand-driven culture
50% increased customer delight

Agility, Effectiveness, Information Flow
Agility, Effectiveness, Information Flow

30-40% increased productivity
40% decreased time to market
75% removal of bottle necks

Growth, Org Design, People Systems
Growth, Org Design, People Systems

65% increased target attainment
100% aligned people/HR systems & Agile Org Design

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