Sales & Customer Experience Sprint

Who is this sprint for? 

We work with sales & customer success/experience teams that would like to

  • go above and beyond current targets.
  • create a new customer experience and sales understanding. 
  • deep-dive into their customers' current and future needs. 
  • realign their team around these needs. 
  • transform their values and sales/engagement approach. 
  • learn to truly solve their customers' needs.
  • learn to communicate so that their customers feel understood & valued. 
  • rekindle the team's spirit and motivation. 
  • re-structure their incentive systems to reflect the newly developed approaches. 
  • achieve their boldest sales & customer engagement goals with more ease. 

How does it work?

LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Team Excellence and Engagement Sprints - 2024 New York

Which results can you expect?

  • excitement and alignment behind ambitious goals.
  • new, co-designed sales/customer engagement models, strategies & practices.
  • transformed sales/engagement values and a high level of identification. 
  • scenario forecasts and practice sessions that help walk the new walk. 
  • innovated incentive structures that support fostering desired new behavior.
  • communication and behavior "playbooks."
  • commitment to excellence and continued coaching.
  • targeted exercises that help your team to continue practicing new engagement forms on their own or with one of our coaches.  
  • increased engagement & sales numbers and a new flywheel of success in action. 

How much time must you invest? 

Our sprints typically take 4-12 weeks with differing levels of engagement intensity. At the beginning of the initiative, most work takes place on our side of the playing field as we review your hard facts and observe meetings and typical sales/engagement scenarios. The only time that your team must make itself available outside its regular work are the design and excellence sessions during the respective sprints. All sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and busy schedule. Excellence exercises can be made available in a self-guided learning format upon request. 

What are deliverables?

  • tailored design and process experience.
  • survey & interview design and delivery. 
  • observation of your typical situation and current systems. 
  • result-presentation & hypothesis delivery. 
  • planning, delivery & debrief of workshops.
  • training and coaching.
  • behavior and communication "playbook" or videos.
  • strategy brief and result scenarios.
  • tailored roadmap & result tracking.  

Ready for your sprint?