“Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. This was exactly what we needed to hear. Amazing insights, hands-on takeaways, and the much-needed guidance on how to make our next steps count.” –

Joshua Edwards, Immediate Past President NYS Court Reporter Association

Topics include: From Start-Up to Scale Up • Organization Design 2022 • Future-Fit Leadership

Let's Talk Business Development & Innovation that Beat the Odds

You are looking for a public speaker for one of your events to talk about how to innovate your business or entire industry? Or to speak about how your audience and association members can redefine and transform their businesses to stand out in the market and survive the test of these incredibly volatile times? 

Seek no more: Dr. Jacobi has helped countless businesses - from small to mid-sized and Fortune 500 - to reposition, innovate, and transform themselves to adapt to the current volatility. She knows that it takes enormous strength and skills to move forward in the right places -- while leaving some old habits/mindsets/procedures behind. In her keynotes and workshops, she helps people to embrace these skills and muster up the strength to navigate these challenging times to not only survive but thrive.

Experience & Learning Objectives

Dr. Jacobi's speeches, workshops, and coaching sessions are lively and full of interaction. 

The learning objectives of this keynote or workshop are to:

  • help business owners and entire industries to navigate the challenges of disruptive times.
  • define various types of disruption as they apply to your industry.
  • understand which impact the 3 typical reactions of fight, flight, or freeze (i.e., doing nothing) have.
  • explore effective actions to successfully counter disruption.
  • learn how to adapt your business model for staying relevant.
  • discover ways of staying healthy and keeping a can-do mindset.
  • empower business owners and associations to thrive despite adversity.

Learn more about Dr. Jacobi's background 

Dr. Erika Jacobi is the managing director of LC GLOBAL®, a change, growth, and innovation consulting firm with offices in New York City and Munich, Germany. Specializing in adaptive organization design, Dr. Jacobi has led industries and companies through large-scale transformation and innovation initiatives in the U.S, Europe, and the Middle East. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change and an M.A. in Human and Organizational Behavior, Systems, and Development from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA. She obtained an additional master’s degree in Cognitive Linguistics and Literature from the esteemed Ludwig- Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. Dr. Jacobi is a regular speaker at international conferences and association events.  She is published in top academic journals such as SAGE and is a five-time FORBES contributor.

Further topics include: From Start-Up to Scale Up • Organization Design 2022 • Future-Fit Leadership

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