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As a growth- and people-centric company, you prioritize fast, yet sustainable business growth that benefits all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the community, ensuring long-term success and a positive company culture. To do what you do best during all growth stages of your company, you rely on a dynamic organization design, deep engagement,  and value-creating operations. In a collaborative approach, we design unique, nimble, and scalable systems that optimally support your purpose and brand. We evoke deep engagement and instill an unparalleled focus on customer delight across your organization. The result of our partnership is not a simple re-organization. It is the foundation for exhilarating growth and innovation.

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We Engage, Flatten, and Modernize

Let's innovate the way you work.

Creating adaptive organizations and modernizing your operating models can be an organic process, offering a distinct opportunity to reinvent your organization, brand, and culture. Our innovative methodology revitalizes your business from within, positioning you for agile differentiation. Our approach is collaborative, appreciative, and systemic, empowering you to:

Think big but start small.

Thinking big but starting small is essential in organizational design endeavors because it allows for strategic vision and practical implementation to coexist. A broad vision ensures your organization aims for transformative change, setting a clear direction and ambitious goals. However, starting small with pilot projects or incremental changes enables your organization to test concepts, gather feedback, and make adjustments in a controlled environment. This approach minimizes risks and maximizes learning, ensuring that changes are sustainable and effective. By balancing visionary goals with practical steps, your organization can build momentum, gain buy-in from stakeholders, and gradually scale successful initiatives, leading to comprehensive and lasting transformation.

Co-create new models and desired behavior.

For an effective organizational redesign, it's crucial to use methodologies that align with your desired outcomes. Our approach actively involves your employees at every stage, helping to uncover blind spots and adopt new behaviors. Together, we create more effective, nimble, and authentic systems. By aligning our methods with your goals, we cultivate desired behaviors organically, leading to sustainable, authentic change and providing firsthand insights into future systems and operating models, ultimately co-creating future desired results. 

Use data all the way.

Just as no one enjoys flying blind, using the right data across all phases of your organization design efforts is indispensable for achieving comprehensive and effective transformation. Our approach involves collecting data from all levels of the organization, engaging employees at every tier. This inclusive process reduces blind spots, ensuring that insights are gathered from diverse perspectives. By involving everyone, we increase collective awareness of necessary changes and create a shared understanding of the organization's current state and future needs. This data-driven approach not only informs strategic decisions but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth. As employees see the impact of their contributions, they become more invested in the change process, leading to more meaningful and sustainable outcomes. 

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We Strategize with Top Leaders
Let's explore new horizons together.

In today’s ultra-competitive and volatile business climate, companies must adapt to unforeseen circumstances while leading the market with unique solutions and operations. We collaborate with global and local management teams in focused sprints to co-create actionable strategies and develop integrated solutions for your operating model, AI integration, customer-centricity, or business models. For growth- and people-centric companies, this approach fosters innovation and ensures alignment with evolving market demands. Through this value-creating process, we also enhance leadership excellence, agility, and cross-collaboration, equipping companies to thrive in the current environment -- and top leaders to make a true difference. 

Take Your Business Above & Beyond

We Design Value-Creating Systems

Let's create People Operations & Customer Experience models that help you stand out.

Value-creating support systems are crucial for growth- and people-centric organizations, forming the backbone of sustainable development and engagement. Our expertise lies in designing unique, authentic, and impactful systems across People Operations, Customer Engagement, Employee Experience, and AI Integration. By focusing on co-creating results, we minimize blind spots and develop systems that transform organizations into talent magnets, driving customer success. This holistic approach aligns and optimizes every aspect of your organization, fostering a culture where both employees and customers thrive.

Customer Experience & AI Integration         

People Operations & Employee Experience

We Spark Team Excellence
Let's improve your team processes, effectiveness, and results.

An adaptive organization thrives on team collaboration. The more dynamically your teams work together, the better they can devise solutions for both planned and unexpected changes. Over time, team processes and cross-collaboration can lose steam. Our Team Excellence and Engagement Sprints guide groups through short cycles of collaborative work, redefining their interaction methods. By the end of the sprint, your teams will have more dynamic processes and a new approach to engaging with each other and customers. Additionally, we will develop new OKRs and ambitious goals with a clear roadmap for achieving them. We offer tailored sprints for IT & Cybersecurity, HR & OD, Sales & Customer Experience, and Top Management teams. Our engagement and collaboration platform monitors success, engagement, and goal attainment at scale.

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We Invigorate Your Culture At Scale

Let's have your unique systems and values catch fire and spread.

Culture integration and vibrancy are crucial for growth- and human-centric organizations, particularly those expanding through acquisitions. Authentic integration of your unique culture ensures that as the organization scales, it maintains its core values and identity as the driving force of your operations. Our unique approach facilitates this process, allowing new groups to seamlessly grow into the new culture -- and make it their own. Through focused team sprints, we ensure everyone can contribute to and shape your vibrant culture, fostering a sense of ownership and alignment. This method not only preserves but enhances the vibrancy and cohesion necessary for sustainable growth and success.

Enliven Your Culture As You Grow

How Can We Help? 

Creating a more adaptive, effective, and engaged organization, doesn't have to be disruptive. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity to engage and develop your people to create optimal solutions for you. 

Engagement, Customer, Delight, Corporate Culture
Assessment & Strategy

We engage your people in assessing your organization and take the data to develop a uniquely adaptive strategy.

Co-Design & Development

Step by step, we transform your org design and operations while improving intra-team connections and culture.

Team Engagement & Effectiveness

We work with your teams to spark outstanding collaboration, deep effectiveness, and a seamless information flow.

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Testimonials: What Our Clients Say 

LC GLOBAL® has been a provider of its HR and Organization Development services for Microsoft for a number of years. [...] Outstanding service, deep competence,  and professionalism describe LC GLOBAL® for me.

SVP International HR

I highly recommend LC GLOBAL® 's process to any team, group, or company that wants to grow fast, stay agile, and make significant changes to their business and operation models as well as their corporate culture.

Director of Growth

We worked with LC GLOBAL® on two complicated assignments that spanned multiple geographies and cultures. From practical considerations [...]  to strategic aspects [...], the experience was positive and yielded extremely useful results for us.

Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB)
SVP, Talent Development & Organization Design

[...] Many staff members remarked that it was one of their best experiences as an employee of the College. Many students felt a stronger sense of being valued and connected as a result of that intervention. Due to the tremendous success, we brought LC GLOBAL® back to continue with this process.

Cochise College

I have been working with GLOBAL® for executive coaching initiatives and organization development matters for almost a year. What started as a partnership for developing new strategies and ideas has evolved to include a discussion of how to meld the growth of a newly formed non-profit Foundation with our Society’s current activities. [...] LC GLOBAL® ’s expertise is delivered with integrity, innovative thinking, and an energetic personality.

The American Ceramics Society
Executive Director

In order to increase the effectiveness of our subsidiary in the Middle East in terms of sales, growth, and collaboration [...], we asked GLOBAL® to deliver its consulting services on-site. Thanks to their tremendous sensitivity and knowledge,  [...] improvements could be observed promptly.


We asked LC GLOBAL® to help us develop a new organizational structure that is fully based on our values and corporate culture. We found their holistic and systemic approach especially valuable as it led us to strengthen our success factors. The in-depth analysis of the current state of our organization helped us excel by learning how to do more of the things that were already working extremely well. Thank you, LC GLOBAL®!

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