Change Leadership Workshop

Organizational change processes require experience, intense planning and a deep understanding of how people and organizations experience change. This seminar provides the latest theories, hands-on approaches and best change leadership practices.

5-Module Workshop for Leaders and Leaders of Change

Organizational Change: Leading Change Initiatives That Create Desired Results!


Module 1: The Psychology of Change: Strategies for Effective Change Processes

  • Phases of an organizational change process.
  • Theories of change versus theories of changing.
  • Best practices for planning, communicating and leading a change initiative.
  • Change resistance: Why does it happen, when should it happen, what to do.
  • Burning questions, case studies or examples from participants.

Module 2: Systems Thinking: Organizational Inter-Connectedness and Complexity

  • Foundations of Systems Thinking and its impact on change processes.
  • Effects of closed and open systems.
  • Organizational learning and double loop feedback processes.
  • Organizational values and their role in a systemic and holistic change approach.
  • Burning questions, case studies or examples from participants.

Module 3: Organizational Culture –  Leveraging Values, Patterns and Beliefs

  • Organizational culture versus organizational climate. Differences and overlaps.
  • Assessing organizational culture and values.
  • Leveraging key values in areas of your organization.
  • Can organizational culture be changed? Pros and cons.
  • Burning questions, case studies or examples from participants.

Module 4: Effective Change Communication – Milestones For Creating Lasting Change

  • Effective communication strategies for every phase of the change initiative.
  • Dealing with change resistance verbally and in writing.
  • De-escalation techniques.
  • Learning to lead conversations that matter.
  • Burning questions, case studies or examples from participants.

Module 5: Personal Leadership – Balance, Strength & Energy During Times of Change

  • How can you find your personal balance during times of change?
  • What are your personal values and success factors?
  • What is your unique leadership style?
  • How can you minimize the negative effects of your style and max the positive?
  • Burning questions, case studies or examples from participants.
Change Leadership Workshop

Workshop or Webinar Design!

Interactive, collaborative Go-To-Meeting or face-to-face sessions

This workshop can be conducted as an in-house seminar or an online webinar. Individual coaching upon request.

Designed for: Leaders, leaders of change, team and project leaders, HR representatives, OD representatives.

Modules can be booked individually, 10% discount available on booking and upfront payment for all five modules.


Erika Jacobi, LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Organization Development New York

Erika Jacobi – President, Head Consultant

Erika is the founder and president at LC GLOBAL®. With many years of experience in large scale organizational change and industrial psychology, she has consulted to innumerable domestic and international organizations, among them a number of Fortune 100. Contact Erika to learn more about our Change Leadership Workshop.

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