We have lead businesses of all sizes and across all industries to increase their performance, resilience, and overall well-being. Our project objectives range from developing a more collaborative work environment to co-creating new business strategies and organization designs. From developing unique leadership and team cultures to coaching individual executives, we have enjoyed the same deep collaboration with each and every one of our clients.


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We thank our clients for the wonderful collaboration and for their testimonials for the work in the following areas:

Organizational Excellence  • Strategic Change • Growth and Innovation • Executive Coaching • Team Excellence Coaching



appreciative assessment, organizational change process

Organizational Culture Transformation

Cochise College

Douglas, Arizona

The goal of this process was to co-create a more inclusive organizational culture – allowing a diverse student base to grow together and promote a healthy collaborative environment amongst faculty, students and staff. A secondary goal for this change initiative was to increase the enrolement rate. We developed a mutual vision for the future, exemplified by a desired set of behaviors and multiple projects to collectively shape the future of this college for the better. The result was the appointment of 25 onsite change-leaders, who successfully implemented the multi-layered strategy over the course of the following 2 years. The feedback that we received by faculty, staff and students likewise was overwhelming.

Organizational change process, Re-design of Organization Structure

Implementation of a holographic Organization Design

GABO:mi Process Consulting

Munich, Germany

We developed and implemented holographic organization design to improve the information flow across the organization.  The re-design of the organizational structure had become necessary when the company’s growth curve exceeded their plans by far. In a 6-phase process, we analyzed this consulting firm’s requirements and mirrored the solutions in a newly designed holographic organization structure that matches the firm’s values and culture. The outcome was a fluid symbiotic 360 degrees structure that guarantees the information flow at all times and can be scaled exponentially. A description of this case study has just been accepted for an academic SAGE publication.

Management Consulting, New York

Change Management, Strategy & Employee Engagement

EFPROMM – Food processing industry

Middle East and Europe

We initiated a change management process for a European leader in the food processing industry and their subsidiary in the Middle East. The objectives were to improve sales, implement a new business strategy and strengthen collaboration between the headquarters and the subsidiary. We achieved those goals through consulting, leadership coaching and capability building.

Vision and Strategy

Vision and Strategy for Multinational Company

MM Packaging

Subsidiaries all over the world

For this multinational company, we facilitated a vision and strategy meeting over the course of 2.5 days. Afterwards, the top management team felt empowered to introduce healthy change processes to the organization that would bring about sustainable results. They grew together as a team, learned about their shared success factors and felt motivated and refreshed.

Change and Innovation

Optimizing recruiting strategies of global player

Leading Pharmaceutical Service Supplier

Subsidiaries all over the world

We helped an international pharmaceutical service supplier to greatly optimize their recruiting and talent development strategies. We increased the overall success in their search for talent by designing and implementing a fit-to-suit recruiting and assessment strategy. Additionally, we conducted further HR consulting services for this global player.

Change for the Middle Shabelle Region

The Bundo of Hope Project – The Bridge of Hope

Woman´s Care Organization

Somalia, Africa
Together with two Somali organizations, WOCA (Woman’s Care Organization) and COGWO (Coalition of Grassroots Women’s Organization), we are conducting “The Bundo of Hope Project”. This project helps widowed women to sell their products from the relatively fertile soil of the Middle Shabelle region at local markets, thereby ensuring their families’ well-being.